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Deepak Bhaskar

Deepak Bhaskar

Combat Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Martial Art Instructor, Personal Trainer


He has been successfully training Women, Men, Girls and Boys since 2013.  A skilled practitioner in Pekiti Tirsia Kali has also trained in CSW (Combat Submission Wrestling)  and STX (Savat Thai Kickboxing) level 1 student, has an expertise in fitness training using various ways of science and logic ( Functional Training, Crossfit, Weight Training, Aerobics) and a best in class Fitness Nutritionist.

Career History

Trained over 100 Gov school students in New Delhi in Association with Asheray Welfare &  Charitable Society.

CSW, STXKickboxing, Kali Level1 Student

Trained over 3K+ Clients for fitness related programs.

Developed and Programed Fitness Programs for Army personals, Athletes, Civilians, Special Cases

Worked with Major Players in Fitness Industries(Fitness First,Gold Gym)


Showing girls how to defend themselves and making them more strong to fight and defend whenever the time requires it ! oh my motive for my life and soul! Blessed to be a part in a long journey towards #womenempowerment #makinggirlsmorestrong #leadingnationtowardsasafeplace #women #power #selfdefence #asheray #edgeandimpact #pekititirsiakali #csw #stxkickboxing

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